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What we do...

Leadership Advising

We guide leaders to effectively engage with their people to produce desired results. Using assessments and interviews, we delve into issues on trust, alignment, conflict, communication style, and accountability - tracking progress along the way. We advise you on mid-course changes, summarize outcomes, and recommend next steps.

Optimizing Team Performance

We coach teams to focus on constructive collaboration within their team and with their leadership and other stakeholders. We provide assessments, targeted action plans, and coaching to track and accelerate their progress.

Candidate Selection

We help decision makers create and optimize candidate selection criteria to select the best-fit individual(s) to meet your requirements. We can assist you in the selection process to fill open positions and then integrate the new hires into your team.

Guiding leaders and teams into effective business units. Call 928-277-0272 for our free consultation.

Who we help...

Leaders and their teams

From large, multi-national organizations to small, private companies, we can help.

  • Owners and executives

  • Department and Branch Heads

  • Managers and Team Leaders

Our services include...

Leadership Advising

Advising and coaching leadership on clarity, direction and a plan of action for engaging others.

Effective Meetings

Planning and consulting on your collaborative meetings so that your desired outcomes are achieved.

Engaging Team Members

Aligning your team so that there is explicit agreement and commitment as well as effectively integrating new members into your team to accelerate productivity.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem solving and criteria-based decision making so that the root problem is defined and the best solution is developed and implemented.

Individual Coaching

Coaching you on constructively communicating so that everyone involved is on-board and contributing positively.

Candidate Selection

Providing assessments and guidance to help you select an internal or external candidate that best fits your needs.

Who we are...

Arthur Amdurer


Over 30  years experience in human resources management, training and development, change consulting, organization design and development, executive coaching, group facilitation and Human Resources Information Systems. Read More »

Krys Moskal Amdurer Ed.D.


Worked as a senior executive for learning and career development in Pearson, Warner Lambert (now Pfizer) and Johnson & Johnson as well as a leadership consultant for numerous high-profile, Fortune 500 companies. Read More »