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Our Services

Helping organizations of all sizes and industries

Leadership Coaching

Elevating leadership with proven techniques.

Helping leaders better understand, create and engage their teams and organizations.

  • Assessments for understanding your unique strengths and weaknesses as well as those of others.

  • Criteria-based strategies for moving forward after your initial assessments.

  • Assistance with developing strategies and tactics for engaging colleagues.

Increasing Team Performance

Evaluating team performance and creating personalized development plans.

With decades of experience helping teams perform, we help teams collaborate and engage members with an emphasis on effective communication.

  • Assessments to discover opportunities and weaknesses within your teams.

  • Customized action plans for your teams and their members for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Assistance with better facilitating collaboration and communication.

Candidate Selection

Guiding decision makers in candidate selection and new-hire integration.

Selecting the "right" people is not as difficult as you might think. Our proven, criteria-based approach can make this daunting task surmountable.

  • Assistance with developing criteria for candidate selection and open positions.

  • Guidance in understanding candidates and how they might help your organization reach its goals.

  • Help with understanding and integrating new hires effectively.

Coaching leaders and teams into effective business units. Call 928-277-0272 for our free consultation.